Frequently Asked Questions


There is plenty of information on our website that describes club structure, procedures, and expectations. You should find the answer to many of your questions by reading our website thoroughly. However, here are a few quick answers to common inquiries.

Where are practices?

Outdoor practices:

  • Red Hook
  • Pier 5

Indoor locations vary depending on teams. The current gyms where teams train are:

  • Plymouth Church
  • PS 38
  • Packer
  • Basis

 Where are home games?

  • Pier 5
  • Aviator
  • Poly Prep
  • Sunset Park
  • Flushing Meadow Park

What leagues do teams play in?

We strive to find the appropriate league that meets team and club objectives. For this reason, we participate in various leagues such as:

  • CJSL
  • JSS
  • EDP
  • SUPER Y League

Who will train and coach teams?

We don’t outsource any of the training or coaching. Players are coached and trained by SABA staff members who are assessed weekly to ensure that club expectations are being met.

Parents do not coach or train any of the teams at SABA.

How are teams formed each season?

Once the tryout is complete, players are organized by levels. When possible, players are organized by levels; A, B, and C.

Read detailed information by clicking on  Roster Guidelines and Structure of Teams

What is the makeup of teams in the club?

Currently there are 26 teams playing year-round, with 13 teams on the girls side and 13 on the boys side. The attention to building and sustaining a quality girls program in unlike any other in Brooklyn and Queens.

The U14 girls play in the super-Y league during the summer, bringing the total to 27 competitive teams in the club.

How many players are selected?

Our U7 to U11 teams will be capped at 12 players. U7 and U8 teams play in 6v6 formats and the objective is to keep the player pool substantial enough once teams transition to U9.

Teams U13 and older have a roster limit of 18 since they play full-sded 11v11.

Several players are selected to“training only” rosters until they can be added to game rosters. Not all training only players are added to game rosters.

What happens if my child doesn’t get selected to the game roster?

Players not selected to the game roster may be invited to take part in our training only program. The staff will provide parents with further details.

What do teams do when it gets dark earlier in the fall?

We try to stay away from moving indoors  until the outdoor season is over. Pier 5 has lights and we adjust to the light situation at Red Hook as best we can in order to keep sessions outdoor.

At times, teams training in the 5:30pm slot move to an earlier slot for the last few weeks of outdoor.

Who will communicate information to parents?

SABA will provide information such as coaching staff, curriculum, objectives, schedules, and payment schedules.

Team coordinators will also help distribute game and practice information.

How do we register?

Registration for teams and programs is done online at www.sabanyc.com by clicking on JOIN SABA.

Club directors will advise tryout location and time. Please make sure to specify the program you are registering for

How can I make payments?

  • Online (additional fees will be applied)
  • Mail check
  • Hand check to coach at field

*Please write name of player and team on check.

 How do I order Game Uniforms?

Game uniforms are ordered through the online store. Once selected to a team, you will receive the link to order the uniform kit. The game shorts are to be worn to all practices. Many parents order an extra pair of shorts to use for practices.

How do I order Practice Uniforms?

Practice uniforms and hoodies are ordered through SABA. Send all  practice uniform requests to sabaskills.office@gmail.com